What Version


You'll need to know what version you have to make sure you're ordering the right modification.

It's easy

  • 1. Log into your storeadmin
  • 2. Look down at the footer text - the version is normally listed there.

If it's not listed you may have to contact your host to get the version

Mobile Friendly Gallery

by Kathie Wooley

Mobile Responsive Gallery Page - http://modmagic.com/gallery-responsive.html

Add a mobile friendly gallery page to your site to show off your portfolio or display your product ( no ecom )

Highlighted Order Statuses

by Kathie Wooley

Highlighted Order Statuses - http://modmagic.com/order-statuses-highlighted.html

This mod sets a different color for each order status on the main page listing orders so that you can easily see at glance which are open, shipped, completed..etc. 

January 2016

by Kathie Wooley

Auto Add Popup Alert mod - http://modmagic.com/auto-add-alert.html

Popup alert for those using Auto Add as the order process ( when the buy button is clicked )

December 2015

by Kathie Wooley

Sale Banner mod - http://modmagic.com/product-sale-banner.html

This mod adds a little red banner on to the top left of the thumbnails of items that are on sale. It shows on the category page and also if you have your index page set to show thumbnails.

Print Wholesale Catalog mod - http://modmagic.com/print-wholesale-catalog.html

This mod adds a new section to your admin's Advanced > Print Catalog page and allows you to print Wholesale ONLY items.

April 2014

by Kathie Wooley

Wow, I've been neglecting to add new mods to this page, so I'll just start with the most recent:


Drop down/Fly out menu

This will show subcategories, if any, in either a drop down menu ( top horizontal ) or fly out ( side column) menu - which ever the template is set up to use.


Additional Content areas

add 3 additional content areas, much like using the Site Message include, anywhere in your template that you might want to add additional content areas that you can edit in your admin.

Social buttons on Category pages

Social share buttons added to your category thumbnails. Buttons include Pin it and Facebook "Like".  This mod uses the new and more advanced social buttons that integrate with the social sites better.

Social Media Share buttons

New and improved social share buttons added to your product pages. Buttons include Pin it, Facebook "Like", Google+, and Twitter. The mod is more advanced then then AddThis mod and integrates with the social sites better.

Back to top

This is a simple Back to Top link that appears as the customer scrolls down the page. Helpful for sites with category or product pages that tend to be long.

Customer Detail Reports

This modification allows you to download and view a customers' contact details. It puts a section in the Orders area with 'Last Week', 'Last Month' or 'Last Year' buttons that allow you to download the info to open on Excell.

February 2014

by Kathie Wooley

Added a mod to change the system's price discounts to a BOGO type of discount set up.


Thumbnails at checkout

by Kathie Wooley

This mod will allow you to have thumbnails in Mal's checkout page. It only uses the thumbnail you have uploaded in the first thumbnail field on the product edit screen so if you use the large image in that field or need an image for each option the item has (different colors ) this mod won't work. I am working on one that allows you to choose the thumbnail displayed in the cart though, which should be out soon.


New slideshow mod

by Kathie Wooley

A new banner slideshow mod was added for MM Gold/Silver sites Banner Slideshow-MM Gold